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Handmade Gifts and Souvenirs Made of High Quality Brass by Edysons Workshop

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Art Of Brass Casting

Welcome to EDYSONS Brass Casting Art Workshop.

In our store you will find beautiful handmade mini gifts hand casted of high quality brass for any holidays and occasions, for your loved ones, friends, relatives, colleagues and partners.

Discover an elegant selection of handmade brass souvenirs, made by Edysons.

The method we use for making our beautiful handmade products called lost wax casting.

Foundry is one of the oldest crafts in the world.

It is laborious and difficult work that requires attention and accuracy at every stage of preparation and casting.

 From the master model to the final cast in brass, one can see down to the intricate details that each piece is one of a kind.

Casted products have a distinguished appearance of antiquity because over the years, the surface of brass becomes covered with an oxide film known as patina to give the statuettes their characteristic antique look.

Over the years, brass products much like fine wine, matures and becomes more and more sophisticated and extraordinary.

All Our products are polished by hand and patinated using a brass blackener for have an antique look.

We gladly accept returns, exchanges and cancellations.

Just contact us within: 14 days of delivery. edysonsart@gmail.com

We can't accept returns for: Custom or personalized orders.

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